Student Testimonials

Samara K. May 3, 2015
Samara is great with our daughter. She recommends songs that our daughter likes and she asks my daughter to choose songs that she likes. She sings along with her when necessary to help her find the right notes and plays piano beautifully. Our daughter looks forward to the lessons with Samara.
Lillian Q. April 1, 2015
She is thorough, punctual and fun. My daughter loves her teacher and her love for music has grown already.
Melissa S. January 5, 2015
As Samara’s colleague at UCSD, I had the privilege of collaborating with her on various musical projects and observing her composition process from start to finish. She’s a creative, talented and ambitious musician who is familiar with various musical instruments and techniques. More than that, she is a dedicated educator: she has extensive knowledge of musical pedagogy and is always looking for opportunities for further professional development. I highly recommend her for students of all levels!
Marjorie B. September 9, 2014
Our daughter took voice and piano lessons with Samara for about 6 months in San Diego. She had never had lessons before but within that short time fame our daughter learned and progressed at an unbelievable pace.

Samara is patient and extremely talented with her gifts as well as with children. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed all her lessons with Samara and we were definitely sad to see her go.

Mel M. June 16, 2014

Samara is a fantastic teacher with an incredible level of patience and perfectly calm demeanor. My four year-old daughter enjoyed every lesson and couldn’t wait to go back for more. Under Samara’s tutelage, my daughter made incredible strides and developed a passion for piano.
I am grateful to Samara for teaching my daughter not only the fundamentals of piano, but how to enjoy the instrument while learning. I was certainly sad to have Samara leave San Diego, but that just means other students in Long Beach will stand to gain from Samara’s talents.
Lan W. June 8, 2014
We’ve been lucky to have Ms. Samara as our daughter’s music teacher. In just 2 months, our daughter (12 years old) could sing pop songs beautifully and write the lyrics for her first song. We highly recommend Ms. Samara to anyone who is looking for a well-rounded music teacher who is professional, knowledgeable, patient, and loving. Thank you, Samara for being a great teacher to Sara for the past 2 months.
Cindy B. June 7, 2014
My little one, 5 years old has been taken lesson with Ms. Samara for both piano and violin. Ms. Samara is very patient and great for getting the little one engaged. She has made great progress with Ms. Samara for past year.
Elsie W. June 6, 2014

I took my sons to music lessons for years and lived vicariously through them. Now that they are grown, I finally decided to take voice lessons for myself.. I chose Samara for my teacher and she was the perfect choice! She gave me confidence when I was insecure and expanded and strengthened my range. Best part was–her lessons were so much fun! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks (at least Samara did)!
Ana R. June 6, 2014

Samara is a wonderful musician and instructor. Our son Alex (8 years old) who never played piano before, learned fast and played a few pieces on his own in a short period of time. Our daughter Danielle (10 years old) played piano before but changed her mind and picked violin instead. Samara worked with Danielle and was able to encourage her to not give up. Danielle plays a few pieces but her favorite is “A whole new world”. Both of them got very advanced in 6 months of working with Samara . I picked Samara over other music instructors for her personality and kindness. She is full of patience and both of my kids felt very comfortable with her. We miss her and hope to find another music instructor like her!
Sonja W. February 13, 2013

Sensitive and fun
My teacher’s lessons are instructive and fun. She challenges me to expand my comfort zone in terms of singing range, which is what I was looking for. She is reliable, has great communication skills and has the sensibility to ‘pick’ students ‘up’ from where they are and guide them to new levels of confidence.