No evil (2016)

Premiere: Highways Performance Space (July 2016) New Shoes 8 Santa Monica, CA

Choreographer: Yasmine Lindskog

Artists: Jack Taylor, Habeel Abdulhusain, Robert Wells, Alvaro Nuñez, Blair Pope

Original music composition: Zachary Kenefick & Samara Rice

Lighting Designer: Alvaro Nuñez

Costume design: Yasmine Lindskog

Re-staged on California State University Los Angeles Fall 2016

Rehearsal Director: Alvaro Nuñez
Choreographer: Yasmine Lindskog
Artists: Alexis Silva, Andrea Garcia De Leon, Caitlin Ryan, Cara Gonzales, Juquari Baskin, Tom Le Original
Music Composition: Zachary Kenefick & Samara Rice
Lighting Designer: Alvaro Nuñez

“No evil” is a 21st century take on the three wise monkeys—Mizaru who sees no evil, Kikazaru who hears no evil, and Iwazaru who speaks no evil. This whimsical twist on the Japanese proverb depicts the haunting temptations of society. Whether we choose to succumb to these lures or not is a matter of our own self-control.

This piece explores ideas of temptation, rights, entitlement, evils, and freedom within society. The fast-paced nature of our current culture makes it easy for the majority of population to become ignorant to the realities we are living. Rather than taking a moment to really see what is occurring and really listen to what others have to say, we only speak our stubborn and extreme opinions. The exertion of our thoughts and opinions can only be as progressive as the actions we take to follow through with our words. Technology and social media platforms have given more people a stronger voice, yet it has also allowed more passivity in our actions to support our opinions and beliefs.